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UK Sign Holders, Sign Stands & Freestanding Sign-Holders - Ideal for menus, directions, promotional posters and notices. Functional & stylish, this range of display stands and stands for posters and graphic boards has been selected on quality. Available in a variety of styles including floor standing, tabletop and illuminated and a range of sizes A5, A4, A3, A2, A1 & A0 along with custom dimensions of your choice.

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Why Choose Our Sign Stands?

We are expert at choosing the very best sign stands and freestanding sign holders for our range of high quality promotional information and display stands.  We have worked closely with manufacturers to ensure that our floor standing and tabletop displays are not only stylish enough for the most upmarket showroom, but robust enough to withstand heavy footfall in public lobbies and reception areas. Our sign holders compliment your message and are used to enable positioning of your media where it will be most effective and can be found in a variety of venues such as: Showroom Displays,  Window Displays, Libraries, Lobbies, Receptions, Point of Sale, Retail outlets, Promotional Events, Exhibitions and Fairs.

Our sign holders & stands are available in custom sizes and the ever popular 'A' poster sizes:

A4 Sign Stand

A3 Sign Stand

A2 Sign Stand

A1 Sign Stand

Panel Sign Stands

These sign stands are perfect for use with rigid or semi rigid printed panel graphics and boards. We can supply foamex & correx printed printed panels that are sutable for outdoor use, or the majority of our stands can be used with your own printed material.  The panels are secured to the sign stands in a variety of methods such as clamp sign stands, wedge floor standing signs and slide in poster floor stands.  There are also Pavement Signs and A boards that use dibond panels to print vibrant graphics onto.  The printed panel pavement signs are available as sandwich boards, swinger a boards and chalk a boards.

Floor Standing Sign Holders

Good promotional sinage is a must when promoting any brand or sale message, so, floor standing sign holders are a staple for use in reception areas, showrooms, retail environments and exhibitions.  Choose from Free standing poster holders in A1,A2,A3,A4,A0 and sign stands in the popular poster sizes as well as custom size options. Our range of freestanding sign holders include signs used indoor and outdoor and on a variety of materials including perspex/acrylic, aluminium and A4 floor standing poster holder is one of the most popular sizes of signage and can often be used as a directional post or menu stand.

Display Stands

We supply display stands in an array of sizes and some models can be custom made.  The most popular sign holders are made to accept posters and signs in the popular poster sizes below: 

A0 Display Stands - 841mm x 1189mm

A1 Display Stands - 594mm x 841mm

A2 Display Stands - 420mm x 594mm

A3 Display Stands - 297mm x 420mm

A4 Display Stands - 210mm x 297mm


Poster Stands

We have a huge range of poster display stands in a variety of shapes and sizes.  these free standing displays are an inexpensive marketing asset that delivers stylish promotional and informational messages in a tiny footprint.  The most useful sign holders is the display stand that is not only adaptable, but also practical and reliable.  The Portland Display Stand is a  poster stand with adjustable height built in:

Display Easels

Really useful sign holder, suitable for displaying chalkboards, poster frames rigid panel signs, and a variety of printed boards and picture.  Easel display stands are freestanding displays that can accomadate signs in a variety of dimensions including the popular poster sizes A4, A3, A2, A1 and even A0.  We also stock one of the largest Easel Display Stands in the UK which stands at over 8ft!! - and is perfect for really big window displays and promotional events. Floor standing wooden display easels have an 'Old School' charm and can add a retro look to a themed display. Counter top easels are fantastic for table top settings, menus and promotional notices.

Outdoor Sign Stands

Outdoor event signs and stands are a real must for promotional events, fairs and festivals. To combat most weather conditions our outdoor sign stands come with weighted bases, water and sand fillable bases or opprtunities for pegging the display stands into the ground.  A popular freestanding sign holder stand from our range is our Outdoor Sign Stand Freestanding Heavy Base. Fantastic for outdoor events, direction signs, car parking signs and promotional messages. This portable display stand is sufficiently robust to stay in place in most weathers.

Tabletop Displays

We have a wide range of counter sign holders, desktop poster stands and table top displays. Desktop sign stands are useful for exhibitions where space is tight and your display is on a counter or desk. They also make great menu holders and place settings and the table top poster stands are ideal to display promotions, and with easy to change graphics, it's simple to swap your message when your promotions change.

Pavement Signs

We have an extensive range of A Boards and Pavement Signs to suit all occasions. Our sandwich boards are well made and are re-enforced to withstand most weather conditions. We have a selection of frame styles including A board frames, swing signs, flexible panel, chalkboard pavement signs and water fillable signs. These outdoor sign stands come either with printed panels or are poster & sign holder stands in a variety of popular poster sizes.

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