Pavement Signs & A Boards

A large range of Pavement Signs and Advertising A Boards. Includes A Frames, Swingers, Chalk Boards and Forecourt Signs in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit all situations.

Pavement Sign & A Board A Frames

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How to Choose the Perfect Pavement Sign

These classic display boards are the must-have for retail shops, hotel and leisure business’s, a proven eye-catcher, and quite often the very bloodline for small businesses such as cafe's and diners. In an age where parking is often restricted the Pavement Sign delivers an easy portable all hours of business advertisement that delivers rain or shine drawing in customers long before they pass-by.

Using a pavement sign is a sure-fire way of attracting new customers through your doors, but there are a number of considerations to be made when choosing the style that will best suit your business.  We have compiled a list of the some of the best outdoor displays available along with a list of their benefits:


Sandwich Board

A sandwich board is a term used for a pavement sign with a collapsible A Frame that folds flat, however the term Sandwich Board is also used as a general name for a multitude of pavement signs.  An A Frame/Sandwich Board is a popular and practical sign which has the advantage of folding flat for easy storage. Available with a snap shut poster frame, chalkboards or both (chalk board poster holder)! The frame options include a multitude of colours including silver and black and can be manufactured from solid wood or aluminium and steel.


A Board

An 'A Board' is the shortened term for an Advertising Board or an A Frame and is also referred to as a pavement board.  Again, similarly to the Sandwich Board, the A-Board is now a “catch all” term that tends to refer to all types of pavement sign – Large and small.  Some of the most popular pavement signs used are the A1 A Board, A2 A Board and A0 A Board.


A Chalk Board Pavement Sign

Choose from the Wood Frame Chalk A Board, Metal A Board for Chalk and Coloured Wooden Frame Pavement Signs.  Really popular with businesses that need to change written information such as price or menu regularly.  Use chalk pens or traditional chalk to create both traditional and eye-catching displays.  There are also Chalk A Board with Poster Options that includes a chalk board surface and the option to display posters. Available in a range of sizes including popular poster sizes A1 and A0 Wooden Chalk A Boards.


Swinger Pavement Signs

A swing pavement sign or swinger pavement board has an aluminium panel that is hung from a frame with clasps to allow a swinging action when outside in a breeze.  The poster holder option has a top opening polycarbonate pocket with magnetic seals.  There is also an option to attach vinyl graphics or print directly to the aluminium panel.  The printed panels can easily be replaced if you need to change your message. In Black or white and a variety of sizes including A1 and A2 Swinger Signs.


Waterbase Pavement Sign

A Pavement Sign with a base that can be filled with water or sand and is a perfect solution for positions that are exposed to windy positions such as forecourts, car parks, seafronts or outdoor street locations. Usually supplied with wheels for easy transportation, the large water base pavement boards can be used with great impact to draw footfall and can be wheeled into position and filled with water or sand in seconds.


Heavy Duty A Board

A Heavy Duty A Board may be called upon when the wind conditions make short work of lightweight pavement signs.  They should be substantial signs with robust frames and heavy weighted bases.  One of the heaviest pavement boards available is a concrete base pavement or Forecourt Sign which is suitable for use in garden centres, petrol station & supermarket forecourts, business and retail parks, fairs and showrooms.